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How I Met Your Mother: "The Stinsons (pre-credit)"

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Title "The Stinsons (pre-credit)"
ll Directory HowIMetYourMother/20090302A/
Episode Date 2009-03-02
Length 170 seconds
2.8 minutes
Laughs Logged 17
Average Laugh Interval (ALI) 10.00 seconds
Median Laugh Interval (MLI) 10.0 seconds
MLI/ALI 1.00
Laughs Per Minute 6.07
Mode 6 and 12
Minimum Mode 6
Maximum Mode 12
Minimum LL 2
Maximum LL 24
Range 22
Standard Deviation 6.17
CV 61.75
Skewness 0.86
Q1 6.00
Q3 12.00
IQR 6.00
Variance 38.13
Date Submitted 2015-09-30 10:38:26
Last Modified 1443631122
IMDbID tt0460649
IMDb Title How I Met Your Mother

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